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Watch Mt Ruapehu live from Ohakune. 

Keep an eye on weather conditions or watch the sunrise or sunset.


During the winter season you can even see Skiers and Snowboarders riding the chair lifts or descending the mountain. In the morning, take a look at the Mountain Road to see traffic conditions.

How to control the camera

From the YouTube live chat screen, you can request to change the cameras view if you are a subscriber.

!ptz #" where # is the number of the preset view below;
i.e. "!ptz 13" will zoom out to the max, the presets are as follows:


13 - Mountain and Carrot zoomed out to the max
1 - Zoomed out mountain
2 - Mid zoom Mountain
3 - 14x Zoom
4 - 30x Zoom
5 - Turoa mountain road
6 - Top of the Carrot at Carrot Park


9 - Highnoon Chairlift

11 - Parklane Chairlift


auto - By typing "!ptz auto" the camera will pan around and move about automatically.

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