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Watch Mt Ruapehu live from Ohakune. 

Keep an eye on weather conditions, watch the sunrise and set.

I personally have this stream on my Home Smart TV as a picture wall by streaming the YouTube channel.

From the YouTube live chat screen, you can request to change the cameras view if you are a subscriber.

!ptz #" where # is the number of the preset view below;
i.e. "!ptz 13" will zoom out to the max, the presets are as follows:


13 - Mountain and Carrot zoomed out to the max
1 - Zoomed out mountain
2 - Mid zoom Mountain
3 - 14x Zoom
4 - 30x Zoom
5 - Turoa mountain road
6 - Top of the Carrot at Carrot Park


9 - Highnoon Chairlift

11 - Parklane Chairlift


auto - By typing "!ptz auto" the camera will pan around and move about automatically.

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