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Address: 30d Snowmass Drive, Ohakune, Manawatu-Wanganui, 4625, NZ

Check-in: After 4pm

Check-out: Before 11am  (Check your booking as likely 10am)

1./ Enter via the Red door, put the palm of your hand on the keypad to activate it.

2./ Key in the 4 digit PIN code emailed to you 4 days before checkin and then the tick.

3./ Do the same to lock the door then tick (this will activate the alarm System).
The pin is updated to the keypad 30 mins before arrival and removes just after checkout.


**## Additional Guests ##**
As a reminder, if you are going to have additional guests, please advise us before checkin as it's $50 per guest per night; if it is discovered you have more guests after checkin, the fee becomes $100 per guest per night or we may ask you to leave without refund if there has been complete disregard of the rule, such as parties, or a number of additional guests that have not been paid for.


No camper vans or tents etc. Non paying guests should not be present on the property. Please note that CCTV cameras do operate on the exterior of the property.

## Bathroom: ##

**## Fireworks and fires: ## **
Absolutely no fireworks or fires are to be used on the property or in the vicinity. There is multiple heat pumps in the house so it will be very comfortable.

**## Cleaning: ## **
While a cleaner comes through when you check out, they are there to do the linen, make the beds, vacuum the house, mop the floors, clean the bathrooms, clean the windows and surfaces around the house and kitchen. The cleaner is not there to do dishes or pots and pans, put out the rubbish or recycle, or deal with human waste such as vomit etc, so please be respectful and leave the property in a tidy manner. If the property is left in a terrible state, a cleaning fee of $60 per hour will be charged.

If you used the BBQ, please make sure its clean before leaving as it is not attended to.

**## Kitchen: ##**
We should have just about everything you need, just bring your food and make yourself at home.
A dishwasher is available for use and a couple of detergent tablets are provided.
Please try to put items back where you found them if possible, cupboards are labeled.


**## Rubbish: ##**
Green recycling bins are provided for plastics, tin, glass and paper. 
Rubbish pickup is Monday morning from 8am, weekend stays can put their rubbish and recycle curb side before 8am Monday.Rubbish bags must be a pink Ruapehu rubbish bag which we provide a single bag for your use, additional bags are available from New World.

If you are checking out any other day or if you have additional rubbish, please take it to the transfer station or home with you. Ohakune has a number of feral cats that tear bags apart and leaving rubbish all over to blow in the wind.

Map location of the transfer station:
Closed Thursdays, operating hours:

**## Noise: ##**
Please don't play music or talk loudly outside after 11:00pm to respect the other properties near by that may be tenanted by guests at the same time. No parties or gathering of guests from other properties is allowed.

**## Damage: ##**
You will be liable for any and all damage on the property. The cleaner completes a walk through of the property using a 360 degree camera before and after checkout, this ensures we can link any damage to a particular booking.

**## Spa Pool: ##**
The combination code for the latches is 00
Spa pool is available for use and should be hot on arrival. 
We suggest bringing extra towels if you wish to use it as we only provide one towel per person.

Please don't allow people to walk on or lay on the spa cover as this will damage it.
Please do up all the latches after every use as the wind can pickup unexpectedly and blow the cover away and damage it. The cost to replace the spa cover is around $750+, so please ensure your guests are aware of the liability.

To use the spa lifter, open all 6 latches/clips and then simply open it as per this 15 second video clip 

While a professional spa company services the spa twice a week, we ask that you add chemicals after use. Please add a table spoon of chlorine which can be located in the outside box beside the spa or in the dry room. If the spa is a bit murky, there is Spa Shock above the fridge, add a few table spoons.

A camera does cover the spa pool, this is for both safety and security as pools create a liability and are expensive to maintain.


  • We have had instances where guests have damaged the spa cover, and also added bubble bath and Epsom salts causing damage.

  • Do not add anything to the spa pool other than the chemicals as instructed.

  • If anything other than Chlorine or Spa Shock is added to the spa, a cleaning fee of $250 will apply, plus any damages such as filter replacements, pump damage etc.

**#### COMMON QUESTIONS ####**

## Linen ##
Duvet covers, Sheets, pillow slips, a single towel per person, tea towels and bath mats are provided. 
For long stays, you may request (in advance) your linen changed for a fee, please contact us for more info. Body wash is provided in both showers.

## Stove: ##
If the Induction stove top says "Lo", please hold down the lock button for approx 3-5 seconds (padlock image), this should unlock it.
Alternatively, power off the stove for a few seconds and back on from the switch in the left hand pantry.

## Wifi: ##
SSID: 30c Snowmass Guest
Password on landing page is carrot01 (all lower case)
Speed are between 80Mbps - 300Mbps

## GAS: ##
If the hot water runs out and you change the gas cylinder, please advise us so we can order another spare. Remember to turn off the empty tank and then turn on the unused bottle, there is a dial on the regulator (probably showing red) that needs to be turned to face the full tank.

The Weber BBQ is also gas operated, if the bottle is empty, please swap the bottle at the BP station and take a photo of the receipt for reimbursement.

## Heat Pumps: ##
There are at least 3 heat pump head units inside and one in the dry room.
We endeavour to have the house warmed for your arrival.

## Dry Room: ##
The dry room is located by the carport, please bring your own lock if you wish to lock up gear. It is equiped with a heat pump which can be used to dry your Snow equipment if you wish; just remember to turn the heat pump off when not in use or before leaving. The heat pump best operates best on full fan (not auto) at 25 degrees and on auto pane to direct the air in up and down.

Please note, the Heat pump will turn off automatically after 11hrs use.

If you are mountain biking, the dry room can be used as a storage locker to keep your equipment safe. There is also two power points located in the dry room that can be used to charge E-Bikes or scooters etc.

## Furniture: ##
Please do not move indoor furniture such as beds or tables etc between rooms. 
Moving furniture has the risk of damaging walls or floors and our cleaner may not be able to move it back.

No Sleeping on the lounge couch as this is unhygienic.

## Parking ##
There is enough space to park 4 cars in the driveway in single file.
There is also a Type 2 EV charger under the car port you are welcome to use.
Any additional cars need to be parked on the road.

Please do not park on the dirt or grass or block the driveway

## Supplies ##
Basic items such as Tea, Instant Coffee, Sugar, Salt and Pepper are provided.
We do supply a few items to get you through the first night or two, such as toilet rolls, dishwasher tablets etc; however you are expected to purchase your own supplies as the property is self catered.
A DeLonghi Nespresso coffee machine is on site and you can purchase pods at the local New World.

Watch a live feed of the mountain from our property before you arrive -

I know this may seem like a lot of information, but we've tried to break it down into two parts.
Important information/rules for all guests and then the second part is common questions and notes.
I hope this is everything you need, else feel free to reach out.

Many thanks
Barry Murphy
+64 27 4909712
After Hours, Please ring twice within 5 minutes to get past the Do Not Disturb (DND)
If I am unavailable or unresponsive, you can try my wife for urgent matters on +64 21 2119421

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